Dhigurah - "Long Island"

Dhigurah is located in the South Ari Atoll, about 20 minutes by domestic flight or two-hour speed boat ride from Velaanaa International Airport. With more than 3 km of natural white sandy beach, it is considered one of the most beautiful inhabited islands in the Maldives.

With a population of about 600, Dhigurah has all the necessary facilities for human habitation, including a school, medical centre, and a harbour. The population is concentrated on a small area in the north of the island, with the rest reserved mostly for fruit and vegetable gardening and natural vegetation.
Dhigurah is close to some of the most famous dive spots in the country such as Kuda Rah Thila, Manta Point, and Reethi Thila. When you are staying with us at Grand Beach just get set and ready to swim with the whale-shark who’s only home in the Maldives is South Ari Atoll.

Transport in the Maldives

Transportation in the Maldives is not always easily arranged, and there are a bunch of options to pick from too.
Water plane, domestic flight, speedboat, public ferries, private transportation..
Per island and atoll transport is arranged differently. So how to get to Dhigurah / South Ari Atoll?
There are a few options for transportation and we’ll list the typical ones!

Transport to Dhigurah

Dhigurah is located 97km/60mi from the main airport. You will enter the Maldives at Velana International Airport. Please note that the airport is located on an island next to our capital, Male’ , which is connected with a bridge. Transportation options leave from the airport, as well as from Male’.

Airport <–> Dhigurah: Take a domestic flight or speedboat
Male’ <–> Dhigurah: Take a speedboat or public overnight ferry
Airport <–> Male’: Take a public ferry for MVR10 (USD 0.60) that goes every 15 minutes, or a taxi over the bridge.

Note! In the off-chance that the sea is very rough, boats might not travel and the domestic flight will be the only transport option.

Transport to another islands

Already traveling around and in the neighborhood? Transport to Dhigurah might be slightly different for you. Take a look at the atoll ferry! Route #304 travels between Mahibadhoo (the capital of the atoll) and Fenfushi, passing Dhigurah both ways on its journey. If you’re traveling from or to Male’, you’ll have to take the #305 to or from Mahibadhoo and transit there onto #304. Keep in mind that the public ferry spots cannot be pre-booked by us, it only runs certain days a week and the total journey takes about 6 hours.

Not in the neighborhood? You’ll probably have to travel back to Male’ and arrange transport to Dhigurah from there.


Take a ferry from the airport to Male’ and hop on a speedboat that takes you to Dhigurah via Dhangethi, the island before Dhigurah. From there it takes about 10 minutes till our island.

Duration: 2 hours in good weather
When: Every day
What time: From Male’ at 3 or 4PM, depending on the day and weather conditions. From Dhigurah to Male’ at 6:30AM
Cost: $50 p.p. one way

The speedboat can pick you up from the airport too for an additional $10 per person.

+ Direct connection, overall time is similar to plane
 Only once per day

Domestic Flight

Fly from Velana International Airport (MLE) to Maamigili (VAM)
Take a taxi from VAM to Maamigili harbor
Take a speedboat from Maamigili to Dhigurah harbor

Your trip willfully arranged by us, from the moment your international flight lands, till you sip your coconut on Dhigurah.

Duration: 20 min flight + 5 min taxi + 20 min speedboat
When: Every day regular flights
What time: Take a look at the flight schedule. Though, we cannot guarantee a spot on the preferred time
: $140 for adults, $70 for kids under 12, one way (FOC <2yo)
Note: The price includes airport-to-guesthouse travel. Door to door

+ Quick, Flights from ~5 AM till ~11 PM, connecting to international fight, amazing views in good weather, least dependent on weather conditions


Go all out on your Maldivian holiday and experience the thrill of a seaplane! Ascend from the ocean next to the international airport and land ~30 minutes later right next to Dhigurah! We will be picking you up by private speedboat from the seaplane platform, which located 5 minutes from our harbor.

Duration: ~40 minutes ‘door to door’
When: Every day
What time: Flexible
Cost: $250 for adults, $160 for kids under 12, one way (FOC <2yo)

+ Unique experience, direct connection, amazing views in good weather, shortest travel time
– Only during daylight hours (~6 AM till ~ 5 PM)

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